We are committed to assist our clients to select the right interpretation technique in order to guarantee the success of any event.
Thanks to our select team of professional interpreters, we can provide broad language coverage in any of the three different specialties:


Simultaneous interpreting is the right choice for Conferences, Seminars, Courses, Workshops, Guided Visits to Plants or Production Sites, Meetings and other events where communication between two or more parties needs to be instantaneous and effective.

The speaker can transmit their specialized knowledge on a certain topic without interruption from the interpreter, who reproduces the original message in another language simultaneously and with the assistance of specialized equipment, meaning that the language barrier is no longer a factor between the speakers and the audience.

FORCE Traductores & Intérpretes is the only company in Chile that provides Simultaneous Interpreting service in the following languages: Dutch – English – French – German – Italian – Portuguese – Spanish – Russian – Ukrainian.